Ratimor Wax Blocks

Ready-to-use extruded wax blocks

excellent for damp conditions
can be produced in various sizes

Ratimor Wax Blocks are designed with lots of edges, which enable rodents to gnaw. Containing a preservative that prevents moulding and protects the bait from bacteria and fungus.

They provide excellent performance even when exposed to damp/sewer conditions or in places with high temperatures.

Available with the following active substances:

  • Brodifacoum
  • Bromadiolone
  • Difenacoum
  • Monitoring – without active substance


  • waterproof
  • resistant to various weather conditions and formulated for use in humid environments (sewers)
  • for indoor and outdoor use.
  • resistant to mould and mechanical damage

Available bait sizes and options:

They can be produced in different sizes, without or with the hole in the middle and even with a wire for easier application, better control and for keeping the baits in the planned location.

in a range

from 5 g up to 200 g

with or without a hook

wire for positioning - 100 g and 200 g

Transport packaging

3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg

10 kg

To find out about available authorizations and possible combinations for your market contact us at export@unichem.si.

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