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Ratimor and Effect are two of the leading trademarks from a renowned European company Unichem that develops, manufactures, registers and markets a wide range of highly effective pest control products, for the protection against Rodents and Insects in and around buildings (household and industrial environments) as well as products for the nurturing and care of plants.


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Ratimor Brodifacoum stays single-feed even with reduced concentration of active substance

A lower concentration of an active substance in the product may require the consumption of more bait and also prolong...

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Effect Insecticides – online training in optimal use and product benefits

In the online training session, our Research & Development expert explains the active substances and their effects, test trials, usage,...

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Ratimor Rodenticides – online training in optimal use and product benefits

We are proud to be invited to participate in online training organised by our business partner. Our Research & Development...

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