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Ratimor and Effect are two of the leading trademarks from a renowned European company Unichem that develops, manufactures, registers and markets a wide range of highly effective pest control products, for the protection against Rodents and Insects in and around buildings (household and industrial environments) as well as products for the nurturing and care of plants.


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Effect Microtech CS PRO – Microencapsulated Insecticide against crawling insects

Effect Microtech CS PRO is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, based on a combination of three different...

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Effect Ultimum PRO – for rapid kill of the target insects

Insecticides play an important role in public health. These products can be either natural or chemical-based and with the residual...

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Ratimor soft bait – the most desired formulation

Pest control is becoming increasingly more important, since rats and mice live parasitically, which in turn causes the depletion of...

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