Effect Flytrap

Easy to use mechanical protection

special air-resistant glue
no toxic additives

Effective monitoring even for larger fly populations. It is made from special adhesives that are air-resistant and provide long-lasting protection.

The flytrap surface covered with this special glue makes the flies stick to the Effect Flytrap. Because the trap contains no insecticidal compound, the product is safe for humans and pets.


  • Ready to use Glue Paper Bait


  • Natural mechanical protection.
  • The roll catches up to 40,000 flies.
  • Special air-resistant glue.
  • No toxic additives.
  • Safe for humans and warm-blooded animals.
  • A single adhesive side – simple and easy to use.

Transport packaging

1 ROLL (0,25 X 10 M)
24 pcs/box, 960 pcs/pallet

4 LEAFS (34 CM X 60 CM)
20 pcs / packet, 1360 pcs/pallet

To find out about available authorizations and possible combinations for your market contact us at export@unichem.si.

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