Ratimor Wax Blocks – attractiveness – pig farm

Activity: To grade the relative attractiveness of different rodenticide baits for rodents.

Target: All rodents.

Samples: Ratimor Wax Blocks

Location: National Laboratory of health, environment, and food departure for DDD, Murska Sobota, Test Field – pig breeding farm.
The test buildings were inspected prior to the testing. Despite the visible presence of rodents (holes, feces, bite marks, the smell of urine…) we additionally tested with monitoring paraffin blocks. The monitoring baits were set according to observations and our experience with fieldwork and based on our discussion with employees. A building ground plan was created for each facility and the rodenticide bait placement was marked. All of the baits were set in purpose-made boxes (rodent boxes).

Duration of the test: October, November 2017


More than 42% palatability of Ratimor Wax Blocks comparing to the competition.

The share of consumed bait by specific samples depending on total consumed bait in the whole facility 2 (Nemščak farm, stable 12).