UNICHEM received the ESG certificate and award for a top 5 exporter of the year

Unichem among this year’s top 5 exporters

On Friday, September 16, 5 of the top Slovenian exporters were presented at the Export Conference in Brdo pri Kranju, among which a winner was selected. An honorary certificate for active operation in the area of Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) was also awarded.
Fotona is the exporter of 2022, and this year’s top Slovenian exporters are: Unichem, Avantpack, Iskra and Ledinek Engineering.
The recipient of the ESG honorary certificate is Unichem.

Foto: Jure Makovec, Finance.


The expert panel selected five of the top exporters of 2022 on the basis of a financial and qualitative analysis of Slovenian exporters in the past years. Also important was the set performance strategy, the detailed investments and plans and thus the ensured sustainability of business operations abroad in the coming years.
Unichem’s exporters impressed the panel with the fact that we are present in 61 countries, to which we export, with our own brands. This is exactly the reason why we generated 74% of the total sales this year by exporting products which are mainly the result of our own development. This enabled us an inflow of money from abroad into Slovenia, thereby significantly contributing to the economic success of our country.
The panel also recognised our marketing activities, training and technical cooperation with customers as well as servicing our customers in general as a competitive advantage. What also convinced the experts was the successful transfer of Unichem’s sales model from Slovenia to subsidiaries, which in addition to sales includes marketing support at points of sale, acquiring partners abroad with sales activities and participating at specialised fairs.


We received an honourable mention for our contribution to the Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)
At Unichem we are aware that the overall contribution of the company to society is increasingly affecting our commercial as well as our financial performance. We believe that this is one of the key factors of satisfaction for our customers and users who are increasingly worried about the environment and make decisions on the basis of the company’s conduct and expectations in relation to the ESG.

Foto: Jure Makovec, Finance.


This is why we have always been operating – despite actively (and successfully) tackling numerous short-term business challenges, such as high inflation, friction in supply chains, increased likelihood of a recession occurring, unpredictable labour market – in accordance with our value: CARE FOR NATURE / SUSTAINABILITY. By actively pursuing our set goals and the ESG strategy, we are positively affecting the loyalty of our customers, employees and business partners and thus improving our competitive position.
Our efforts, operation and activities carried out did not go unnoticed. This year, we obtained the certificate for a socially responsible company and the honorary certificate for ESG and sustainable operation.

Foto: Jure Makovec, Finance.


Both reflect our high degree of awareness of the significance of the ESG, despite inflationary pressures and the turbulence of the business environment. At the same time we believe that we are heading toward the right direction in setting ESG guidelines and strategies, which we are actively pursuing and intertwining with our business operations and new market opportunities, with the expectations of our customers, business partners and all employees.