Effect Microtech CS

Activity: Laboratory testing of effectiveness on the crawling insects.

Time of testing: April 2011

Test performed by: i2LResearch Ltd, Cardiff, UK


Cockroaches (Blattella germanica)

  • Wooden surface – Dosage: 100ml of product /5L water/100m2
  • Concrete surface – Dosage: 125 ml of product /5L water/100m2
  • Ceramic surface – Dosage: 25ml of product /5L water/100m2

Cockroaches (Blatta orientalis)

  • Wooden surface – Dosage: 100ml of product/5L water/100m2
  • Concrete surface – Dosage: 125ml of product/5L vode/100m2

Ants (Lasius niger)

  • Wooden surfaces – Dosage: 100ml product / 5L water / 100m2
  • Concrete surfaces – Dosage: 125ml product / 5L water / 100m2