Ratimor soft bait – the most desired formulation

Pest control is becoming increasingly more important, since rats and mice live parasitically, which in turn causes the depletion of available sources of food. Not only due to mice consuming our food, but also due to large quantities that they contaminate.

The rodent problem has become one of the most important sanitary priorities, particularly in urban centres, where appropriate hygienic and sanitary standards need to be ensured. Means of rodent control/destruction are also being developed in an increasingly successful manner.

The most frequently used chemical agents are definitely rodent baits with an attraction effect, containing an active substance. These formulations usually contain one or several anticoagulant active substances. The higher the attractiveness, the more likely it is that the active substance will be consumed in a quantity that is deadly for rodents.

Among various types of bait, which are available on the market, soft bait in paste form has turned out to be the most desired formulation. These formulations are based on flour mixed with fat or oil. The fat or oil component is of essential importance in order to prepare a tasty energy-rich preparation that ensures long-lasting freshness and attractiveness.

Soft Bait testing

The RATIMOR brand soft baits are available with three different active substances (bromadiolone, brodifacoum and difenacoum).

Ratimor baits are renowned globally and are extremely well-received by users, particularly due to their quality, exceptional attractiveness, and effectiveness.

The exceptional quality and attractiveness of Ratimor baits are ensured by raw materials of nutritional quality and by constant control from raw materials entering the warehouse, through the production process all the way to the compliance check of the end product.

The exact quantity of each raw material in the product and thus the constant quality of the product is ensured by an automated process of weighting and dosing the raw materials.

Ratimor soft baits contain high-quality flour, ground cereals, a mix of various fats and oils, flavour additives and a peanut aroma. Added stabilisers prevent oxidation and ensure the bait’s long-lasting freshness.


A combination of various high-quality raw materials, carbohydrates and flavours ensures the Ratimor soft bait has high nutritional value and is therefore especially attractive for rodents, thus making sure that rodents come back to where the bait was placed.

This delicious and juicy bait is by far the most attractive formulation on the market and does a great job even where rodents have plenty of other food available to them. The product’s excellent performance is ensured with regular improvements and development and is being continuously assessed with lab and field tests.

Ratimor soft baits are available in two different primary packs – sachet or blister. In the case of a sachet, the bait is packed in a porous paper bag that permeates flavours and minimally permeates fats, thereby ensuring the bait’s maximum attractiveness.

On the other hand, the plastic blister packing is very easy to use, since in no case (when placing or removing the bait) it comes in direct contact with the bait. At the same time, placing the bait is very simple – just remove the sticker from the blister and then place it in the so-called rodent box or in any other spot that is secured from access by other non-target organisms.